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Конкурс в Испании 2018

Aire Nuevo 2018/

Dear artist,
You had a great performance during the festival and we were impressed of you skills. We want to
invite you:
as a representative of your country to the international festival “Aire Nuevo” without any additional
qualifications. The international festival competition «Aire Nuevo» takes place in Spanish resort town
Coma-Ruga, set on the Costa Dorada, Tarragona. Concert performances, competition, gala concert in
the main square, passionate spanish audience, blue sea and golden coast of Costa Dorada are waiting
for the participants of the competition. The hotel where the participants are going to stay is just 100
m from wonderful beach with flat coast and golden sand. You will also be able to visit Europe's largest
theme park «Port Aventura», ancient Tarragona with it's charming street ferias and fiestas, and, of
course, Barcelona, heart of Catalonia
The festival will be held in Coma Ruga on the following dates: 18.06.-25.06.2018. The package
price for accommodation is 395,- Euro pro person in ****Hotel. If you decide to take part in the
competition, please contact our partner in Russia Vladimir Elizarov via mail: zhemchuzhinaural@mail.ru or phone
+ 7 343 2688863, 9126156653 and our team will explain you the next steps.
We will be very glad to see you in Spain.
Best Regards from
Viktor Leis
Direktor “Aire Nuevo en Tarragona”

от 07.12.2017

Региональный Отборочный Конкурс Популярной Песни для детей и юношества

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