Meet Silicon Valley’s top matchmaker who will find you a date for a mere $20,000

Silicon Valley, with its cerebral intensity and unrelenting sense of urgency, is an all-hours kind of joint, where napkin-jotters and bonanza-dreamers patter away at keyboards, determined to wring opportunity from every moment. That kind of all-consuming careerism comes with a catch. As the work-obsessed get closer to middle age, opportunities to find romance dwindle. These Silicon Valley Bridget Joneses, who embedded themselves in cubicles during the s high-tech boom, are waking up to what they missed while they were logged on and tuned out to love. You leave dating to chance. You don’t take it very seriously,” said Marv Su , a year-old vice president of marketing at Vindicia Inc. Being focused on work all the time is not what it’s cut out to be.

Playing matchmaker in Silicon Valley

Keep reading to find out how much Linx Dating costs, what real clients have to say about their experiences, and how this elite Silicon Valley matchmaking service works! The idea for her matchmaking service came to her during a blind-date-gone wrong, when she noticed the man she had met for drinks checking out other women around the bar. During an interview with CNBC , she revealed the three pieces of advice she gives every client on how to make a good first impression on a date:.

Adding a second city will cost clients an additional $5, Selective Search boasts an 87% success rate, so how much would you shell out In the San Francisco Bay Area, Linx Dating Founder and CEO Amy Andersen is.

Since founding Linx Dating a decade ago, Andersen has had a hand in launching dozens of marriages and hundreds of relationships. But Andersen, 37, hasn’t thrown a party at the hotel in two years – she’s too busy. She says she’s averaging online queries from 50 people a day while making matches for the to 1, Linx members – men and women ranging in age from 20 to Since Andersen’s goal is a match that leads to marriage or a long-term relationship, she spends a lot of time discerning who’s ready for a commitment and who’s just looking for a good time.

In mining for these gems, Andersen canvasses her networks – which include her database of clients, prospective clients and the insular tech community. Her second resource is the Facebook Graph search, allowing her to personalize a search for age, education and, of course, relationship status. But the appeal of Linx Dating is largely embodied in Andersen herself.

In person, she exudes an aura of health, luxury and romance. Even in e-mail, answering follow-up questions from a reporter, Andersen starts every note with “Dear” and ends with “Warmly, Amy. Yet Andersen has no qualms discussing her own path to love. She often empathizes with clients as she talks about her own string of relationships before friends introduced her to her husband, Alex Gould , a venture capitalist and Stanford economics instructor.

For clients like Larry Blair , a VC in his early 60s, Andersen’s matchmaking led to his wife, the ish Carol Romero , who works in sales.

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For at fees that range from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars, these Founded in , Andersen’s Linx Dating serves a select tier of tech-industry insiders. And he didn’t make as much money as she did.

The basic service taken by our members are the ports to connect to our switches. This allows each member to publicly peer with any other member by mutual agreement. We offer multiple capacities between Mb and GigE. We also allow link aggregated 1GE and 10GE ports by arrangement. Read about the Accounting Policy. The LINX incentive scheme has now been extended until the end of August and is designed to encourage growth of bandwidth across the membership.

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SAN FRANCISCO — On a characteristically foggy evening here, a group of predominantly single venture capitalists, tech executives, hedge-fund managers and philanthropists gathered for a cocktail party in a penultimate-floor suite at the St. Regis apartment complex. It is the luxurious but perhaps logical next step for a new breed of philanthropically minded, well-heeled singles who are already tramping around the knowledge enrichment circuit.

Arjun Gupta is an affable, divorced venture capitalist who lives in Aspen, Colo. Invariably you do find people hooking up together.

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Experiencing the matchmaking process with a professional matchmaker by your side is both exciting and enlightening. Yet, with the amount of matchmakers recently flooding the industry, it can be difficult to separate the rookies from the experts. Especially since the matchmaking industry has no required certification process to complete before becoming a professional matchmaker. So, how do you choose a quality matchmaker that will help you define and achieve your goals in finding a life partner?

All LINX members need to pay a LINX membership fee, as well as a monthly fee for their port dependant on its size / location. The fees for LINX services are.

This is just a peek into the Linx Dating database of more than a thousand Silicon Valley singles. But Andersen’s not the only one. More single women should quarry Silicon Valley for Mr. Right, says Kelleher, who runs the matchmaking service with her daughter, Amber. Kelleher says the real reasons these billionaire bachelors enlist her help is because many of them share these resonating qualities:.

What holds back some of these bachelors — many of whom are highly educated and analytical — is that they apply the same skills that gave them career success to their romantic lives, she says. Related: Love-Related Apps for the Busy Entrepreneur Not everyone can join Andersen’s matchmaking pool, though there’s plenty of variety in its ranks. Furthermore, Andersen’s team offers private date-coaching, image makeovers, wardrobe consulting, personal shopping, fitness training and online dating profile-writing.

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