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A policeman who is diligent in his work, but doesn’t have a strong sense of justice. He finds out who Samurai Flamenco is one day, and his daily life has become busy and troublesome since. He is 24 years old. Hidenori is a usually calm but stern young man with a slightly bleaker outlook on life than Masayoshi , this is most likely due to the tragic incident that was the loss of his girlfriend in high school. Due to this event he now sends himself text messages to comfort himself over her loss. He seems to be less naive than Masayoshi in many ways, but can still be quite childish himself when given the right situation. Prior to meeting Masayoshi, Goto had little to no friends. Because of this, the two quickly became attached to one another, phoning each other in times of need and even spending time at each other’s houses.

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Inspired after watching a volleyball ace nicknamed “Little Giant” in action, small-statured Shouyou Hinata revives the volleyball club at his middle school. High Kyuu!! After collaborating with illustrator Priscilla Hamby on Devil’s Candy, which was featured in the first volume of Rising Stars of Manga, he also worked for the former manga publisher Tokyopop, writing the English adaptations of manga such as Domo and Jyu-Oh-Sei. The first cour or part of Haikyuu Season 4 ended with episode 13, which aired on April 3 over on Crunchyroll.

Mar 23, · Head to Crunchyroll at the date and times listed above to watch episode 4, Followers Samurai Flamenco – Watch on Crunchyroll Masayoshi.

This episode really captured the essence of Samurai Flamenco that I have grown to love. It appears we are seeing a flashback of Goto back in high school. Wow his hair is pretty messy. We see the exact moment when he last sees his girlfriend and the last message that she sends her. Here we see Goto spiraling into depression as he texts his girlfriend and responds using her phone. I feel so bad for the poor guy. He goes out on dates with his girlfriend and says what a good time he has with her.

So crazy! Reaching into the burning fire to try and pull her cell phone out of the fire. He burns his hand in the process and then just messages himself using his own phone. Thank goodness! Yo, this kid is absolutely insane! Omg Sawada is such a dirty troll.

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Samurai Flamenco episode 2 – I totally believe that you have a girlfriend no homo right Samurai Flamenco, Tokyo Ravens, Golden Time, Otaku, Geek Stuff.

In doing so, he meets several people who support his cause. Aniplex of America has licensed the series for North America. Male model Masayoshi Hazama decides to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming a superhero, despite having no superpowers or the technology to create a high-powered suit. He becomes the hero Samurai Flamenco and begins to fight crime in the name of justice.

Nonetheless, these two young men will come face to face with hardships of being crime-fighters while discovering what it truly means to be a hero of justice. The series, directed by Takahiro Omori and written by Hideyuki Kurata , began airing on Fuji TV ‘s noitamina programming block from October 10, and is being simulcast by Crunchyroll. The episodes are being collected in both DVD and Blu-ray volumes with the first being released on December 25, A mobage of Samurai Flamenco was released on February 28, It works on iPhone, iOS6 and Android.

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Blu-Ray Okuzaki M. J Musashino Production R. Fuji Television Network Hobibox Co. Kyoraku Industrial Holdings Co.

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Repetition in “Samurai Flamenco, Debut!” and Beyond; In Plain Sight: Gotō and His Girlfriend the Second Time Through; Broadcast vs. Blu-Ray.

But this episode along with the third of Samurai Flamenco is definitely one such occasion. This was anime comedy at its best — smart as a whip and delightfully silly at the right times, true to character and context and unbelievably inventive. While there were some interesting developments with the main cast this week, a discussion of the episode can only begin with Harazuka Jun the unmistakable Ohkawa Tooru.

What stands out to me here — apart from the hilarity of the contents of the supply closet being used this way — is just how genuine Hazama really is. That even extends to saving the guy trying to capture him, at considerable risk to his own body. He may be a fool, but Hazama is honest — the last pure man left in Tokyo, anyway, an endangered species making himself more endangered every day.

It was nice to see his spiritual generosity reciprocated for once , though it was the least the guy could do after his life had just been saved. A very deliberate contrast is being set up, it seems to me, between Hazama and Mari. The scene where Mari has him cosplay as a cop — absurd on so many levels — is truly hilarious. The hirame was delicious.

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Celebrate National Dog Day with a look at some shows that feature a few of the most adorable dogs on TV. Watch the video. Title: Samurai Flamenco —. In a post-apocalyptic world set a thousand years after our era, the remaining humans, now with telekinesis, live in a seemingly peaceful society, but dark secrets of the past will soon be discovered by a small group of friends. In order to escape his stressful city life, Hachiken enrolls in an agricultural school where he must learn a whole new way of life alongside a colorful cast of characters.

Commercial (CD) published by Aniplex on Dec 04, containing vocal from Samurai Flamenco with compositions by Hiroaki Yokoyama.

Hey everyone, Cole here to bring you my first blog post! The premise is what makes the show so strong at the beginning. Our main character Masayoshi Hazama who takes on the role of Samurai Flamenco, a character that his grandfather created for him, spends his time fighting petty crimes and eventually meets Officer Goto who finds him naked in an alleyway after his suit gets burned during one of these crime fighting attempts.

After the initial misunderstanding and near arresting of Masayoshi due to indecent exposure the two eventually bond and Masayoshi shows Goto his collection of superhero figures and tries to explain to him what justice is to him. One of his most important acts is where he stands up to a group of kids a gets beaten up but they eventually all get scared off with the exception of one gray haired boy who stares in awe at Masayoshi.

The next arc takes a bit of a downturn for me as it introduces the Flamenco Girls, which begins due to Masayoshi appearing on a show with the idol group Mineral Miracle Muse MMM and their leader Mari Maya begins to suspect Hazama of being Samurai Flamenco after hearing him sing the Red Axe theme song to calm his nerves on the show.

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On his first patrol, he winds up stripped of his homemade costume and accused of public indecency by a police officer named Goto. The superhero set-up ushers in interwoven themes of immaturity, nostalgia, and social misfits. Despite his optimism he believes he can become a superhero after all and energy, his social skills leave a lot to be desired. In any other story perhaps Masayoshi fulfilling his childhood wish of becoming a superhero would make him infinitely confident and respected, but here it comes with realistic consequences.

was heard ’round the world as the series finale of Samurai Flamenco aired. a committed relationship (with a long distance girlfriend), and Mari and on his phone, teases him for talking to her about Masayoshi all the time.

Posts about Golden Time written by Bobduh. Looking for information on the anime Samurai Flamenco? Only the first three seasons are on Netflix at this time. You might think Kenshin would feel dated after all these years, but. Samurai Flamenco covers a lot—and we mean a lot—of ground in its short but intensely baffling life. Anime name: Samurai Flamenco Genre s : Superhero, comedy-drama. But over time, he inspires the people of Japan to treat each other better and saves them.

Spoilers: He has a girlfriend who he started dating in high school, but one day. Samurai Flamenco. Golden Time. Samurai Flamenco has now reached a point beyond simple space a time.

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Samurai Flamenco (サムライフラメンコ, Samurai Furamenko) is an anime television series It is revealed in the final story arc that Hidenori’s girlfriend has been missing for years, and that Hidenori has been the police box, and has been present many times when Gotō was researching Samurai Flamenco on his laptop.

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Samurai Flamenco ED 1 with English/Kanji Lyric Annotation, and english subtitle